H2Optics Tech

Suitable for commercial and institutional applications, Delta’s H2Optics® hands free technology is one of the most advanced sensing technologies in the industry today for electronic faucets and flush valves. With the ability to accurately sense the user’s distance, regardless of external factors such as light reflection, clothing colour and textures or dryness of one’s skin, H2Optics® technology provides consistent, dependable results.

Using the principals of triangulation, H2Optics® technology measures the angle of the returned beam to detect the user, resulting in a reliable performance.

With superior sensing, the infrared technology calculates distance and activates when an object is placed within a set distance.

With a response time of four pulses per second, H2Optics® technology provides a good balance between reaction time and battery conservation. Delta® now provides both faucets and flush valves with H2Optics® technology, so contractors and plumbers can have the peace of mind that comes with working with just one supplier.

Developed by Delta Faucet, this innovative technology was designed and produced in North America. H2Optics® technology is available now on several Delta® Commercial products.