SpecSelect supplies exact instantaneous information for sourcing Delta commercial faucets. Explore over 40,000 faucet models for all your project needs whether renovating a healthcare facility, designing a hotel, specifying a new college, or working on any other commercial project, you won’t find a more comprehensive online catalogue and price list than SpecSelect.


  • Instant price calculation for the complete faucet model - no need to add option pricing for spouts or handles and no surprises when it's time to order.
  • Error-free product selection - no previous knowledge of Delta's part numbering system required. Click the pictures and the model number builds itself. If it can't be built, you can’t select it!
  • Quick view thumbnail drawings - as you click and build the faucet model, a mini drawing builds at the same time on the same page. No guessing as to what the finished model will look like.
  • Dynamic AutoCAD drawings - once your final selections are made and you are ready for the specification sheet, SpecSelect will automatically assemble the exact model number in AutoCAD with detailed dimensions. Leave your calculator behind and simply have AutoCAD do the work for you right in the program.
  • Multiple brands means multiple choices - Choose the brand to meet your application needs: Delta TECK® for heavy duty & institutional requirements; Delta HDF for your light commercial needs and Delta, when style is a must.

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